Claudia Sortino y Angel Coria

Claudia Sortino

Claudia Sortino, of classical and modern training, was born as a dancer of modern dance in 1988 and was trained in the school of the Master and Choreographer Filippo Scuderi. In her early years, she also studied classical dance for the care and improvement of posture and movement. She continued her dance studies until 2010 and joined the ballet of Filider Balletto participating in shows and musicals organized and directed by the same master (1999 "The Girls with the Blues Eyes", Metropolitan Theater - - 2003 5th edition of "Insieme per ...", Politeama Garibaldi Theater - 2004 "All the Jazz", Teatro Al Massimo - 2005 Musical "Le stelle del Musical", Teatro Savio, directed by Marco Pupella and artistic direction by Filippo Scuderi - 2006 "Music", Politeama Garibaldi Theater; ...). In 2001 she met the Argentine Tango and decided to start a course of studies that led her several times to travel to take care of her education.

Her love for tango grows and her passion will lead her to deepen her knowledge in Buenos Aires, the mother of Tango. For four years consecutively she spent the summer months in Buenos Aires studying in particular the technique with the teacher Aurora Lubiz and the Master Angel Coria. In August 2009 she took the MASTER para MAESTROS de TANGO course, obtaining the title at the Escuela Argentina de TANGO in Buenos Aires on 26 August of the same year.

Her love for dance and tango, in particular, induces her, together with other art lovers, to create, on 20 January 2009, the association "Alterazioni Tango", with the aim of divulging and experiencing the culture of Argentina within our popular tradition through the instruments of Dance, Music, Figurative Art and Epistemological Historical Culture. Thanks to this association she has been able to realize different cultural events (June 2009 "Le vie del Tango from Sicily to Argentina" Cultural Seminar, organized at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of Palermo.) The seminar was attended by: Angel Coria, professor of National University Institute of Art (IUNA), Sergio Bonanzinga, professor of ethnomusicology, University of Palermo, Aurora Lubiz, professional dancer, teacher in the Escuela Argentina de Tango in Buenos Aires, Mari Salvato, accordionist and pianist, the Scarlatti String Quartet Palermo) that purely artistic from the point of view of the show and the festival in general ("STW_Sicilia Tango week" in Città del Mare in Terrasini, June 2009; "Tango da ... MARE in the island of Ustica", July 2010; "Lilibeo Tango festival I "In Marsala, February 2011," Lilibeo Tango festival II "in Marsala, February 2012," Lilibeo Tango festival III "in Marsala, May 2013," Lilibeo Tango festival IV "in Palermo and Marsala, April 2014; Alterations Tango Festival V e VI in Palermo, held at MAggio 2016 and February 2017).

These events allowed the fruition and exchange with the Italian-Argentine culture and art allowing the artistic comparison with professionals of the international tango scene such as Milena Plebs, Aurora Lubiz, Angel Coria, Geraldine Rojas and Ezequiele Paludi, Angela Tonianez, Milena Plebs and David Palo, Gustavo Rosa and Gisela Natoli, Gaspar Godoy and Carla Mazzolini, Ariel Manzanares and Antonella Saragò, Mariano Otero and Alejandra Heredia, and musicians such as Otros Aires, Sexteto Milonguero and Beltango.

Expert teacher, a specialist in science and mathematics, following her doctorate in mathematics science, achieved March 1, 2006 in the city of Bratislava, decides to start a research on the use of Tango dance for dissemination of scientific and mathematical concepts. In December 2011 she wrote a book, in collaboration with an expert and scholar of Neuroscience, on Tango Geometry: (Tango Math: a tango step between geometry and passion). The presentation of the book was made in several cities (Pordenone, Palermo, Marsala), in several professional, medical, scientific and artistic fields and was particularly appreciated in Canada with regard to some possible studies on the use of Tango in schools and in particular for the Tango Therapy of which the undersigned has followed specific courses with the Argentine psychologist Dr. Liliana Pfarherr.

Since September 2012 she has worked alongside the Maestro Angel Coria, thanks to which she has conducted artistic and cultural events in Italy and in particular in his beloved Sicily, Holland, Germany and Canada and in the city of Buenos Aires, in addition to being invited, together with Maestro Angel Coria, as an international guest for the spread of tango in the world, in a program, Il Tango nel Mondo, with an interview on the national international radio station, the 2X4, official radio of the Government of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Angel Coria

Angel Fabian Coria, after 30 years of profession, in October 2013, was nominated by Prof. Alkis Raftis, member of the International Dance Council, (CID), the official organization of dance in the world recognized by the UNESCO, by national and international governments and institutions, founded in 1973 and based in Paris. At the age of 7 he began his training as a folkloric dancer in the school of Domingo Emilio Gimenez, in Buenos Aires. At the age of 14 he began studying tango with Mingo Pugliese and at the age of 16 began his professional career at the University of Belgrano under the direction of Norma Viola. He studied classical dance with Alfredo Gurkel and in 1988 studied Jazz and Modern Jazz dance with Adolfo Kolque for 5 years.

In his artistic activity he plays as assistant director and choreographic assistant from 1990 to 1996, at the National Ballet of the Argentine Republic. From 1992 to 1994 he curated the choreographies of the official channel of Argentina, Canal 7 - Argentina Televisor a Color. Between 1994 and 1997 he was the first dancer in the company of Mariano Mores.

From 1996 to 2002 he was a choreographic assistant and dancer in the company of Juan Carlos Copes. In 1997 he participated in the making of the film "Tango" by Carlos Saura as an assistant choreographer and dancer. From 2003 to 2005 he was choreographer of the most important international show restaurant in Buenos Aires, El Viejo Almacen. Regarding his teaching activity, he was Professor at the University of Tango dependent on the Government of the city of Buenos Aires with the chair of Estilos (The various styles of dance in different eras). In 2002 he was Associate Professor and Professor of Practical Exercise at the National University Institute of Art (I.U.N.A.) in collaboration with Professor Carlos Rivarola. Outside Argentina, from 1990 until now, he works for the realization and production of Tango, Chacarera shows and Work-shops and musical workshops in various locations around the world such as: Spain, Portugal, Holland, Italy, Bulgaria , Serbia, Germany, China, Japan, United States, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Paraguay, Venezuela.

The Maestro, choreographer and dancer, has created his own dance company, professional artists and tango lovers in all its facets (theater, dance, singing). The company "Tango Encuentro", is born to share the Art, in order to realize performances and musicals among which we remember Historias de Amor, Tango de mi Vida, written and realized in collaboration with the musical direction of Master Aleksander Nikolic (quintet Beltango , Serbia) and the presence of the Argentine singer Alfredo Pittis (Buenos Aires). Also: director and choreographer of the work of Saint George and the Dragon, whose musical direction is by master Aleksander Nikolic and finally choreographer and director of the opera "7 Peccati Mas Uno", written by Claudia Sortino with unpublished music and musical direction of the master of the master Aleksander Nikolic.

President of the ASD Alterazioni Tango association based in Palermo (Italy) since 2009, he organized in collaboration with his association and in particular with Claudia Sortino, great lover of the art of Tango, several events recognized nationally and internationally, allowing fruition and exchange with Italo-Argentine culture and art: June 2009 "Sicilia tango week 2009"; May 2009 Cultural Seminar "The streets of Tango from Sicily to Argentina", organized at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of Palermo; August 2010 "TANGO da ... .MARE organized in the beautiful island of Ustica; February 2011 Lilibeo Tango Festival in the historic city of Marsala; May 2012 Lilibeo Tango Festival II, May 2013 Lilibeo Tango Festival III, April 2014 Lilibeo Tango festival IV. These events saw the participation of great artists from the world of tango such as Milena Plebs, Aurora Lubiz, Geraldine Rojas, Angela Tonianez, Gustavo Rosas and Gisela Natoli, David Palo, Ezequil Paludi, Gaspar Godoy and Carla Mazzolini, Ariel Manzanares and Antonella Saragò, Mariano Otero and Alejandra Heredia, the Otros Aires orchestra, Sextetto Milonguero, Beltango.

The association ASD Alterazioni Tango for the good work produced for the meeting and intercultural exchange between the two Italo-Argentinian related civilizations, in January 2010 took part in the ceremony organized at the Politeama theater in Palermo, for the awarding of the two supporters of this purely Sicilian promotion, Angel Coria and Claudia Sortino, with the international Sicilian award, La PIGNA D'ARGENTO, in its XXIV edition.