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4, 5 and 6 October 2019

Fifth edition of the Holland Tango Festival.
Three days of amazing workshops, wonderful milongas and great music!

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Meet the Maestros

We proudly present the following maestros

  • Manuela Rossi
    Juan Malizia

    / Argentina

    Manuela Rossi and Juan Malizia are professionally trained dancers (Manuela was a ballet dancer) and choreographers who today set the standard both in stage tango and tango salon.

    They were members of many renowned dance companies and played in the most famous tango performances of the last decade.

  • Stefania Colina
    Juan Martin Carrara

    / Argentina

    Originally from Uruguay, both are exceptionally gifted, professional, well-known and well-loved tango dancers and teachers.

    They have been teaching and dancing around the world. They perform regularly in the milongas from Buenos Aires and Montevideo and they have been very welcome guests in many prestigious festivals across the globe in the last several years. Read more...

I think those who say that you can’t tango if you are not Argentine are mistaken.
Tango was an immigrant music... so it does not have a nationality. Its only passport is feeling.

- Carlos Gavito-


Work hard, play hard!

Become inspired by joining one of our workshops


Three magical milongas, each night with a breathtaking performance

Grand Opening

Wind down from the week in this intimate milonga.

The start of a weekend full of entertainment, social talk and dance the night away just like in Buenos Aires at Holland Tango Festival!

Ronda de Maestros with Manuela Rossi y Juan Malizia & Stefania Colina y Juan Martin Carrara

Location: Salsability
Address: Delftseplein 36, Rotterdam
Time: Starts at 21:00 until 02:00
Performance: Ronda de Maestros
Music by: DJ Lucas Malec
Live Music by: Cuarteto Mulenga
Price: € 15,- with reservation / € 20,- without reservation

Grand Milonga

Join us at our grand milonga featuring a performance by Stefania Colina y Juan Martin Carrara

Our venue has a fantastic floor and is easily reachable by public transport and car.

Location: Salsability
Address: Delftseplein 36, Rotterdam
Time: Starts at 20:00 until 02:00
Performance: Stefania Colina y Juan Martin Carrara
Music by: DJ El Fresco
Live Music by: Cuarteto Mulenga
Price: € 20 with reservation / € 25,- without reservation

Farewell Milonga

All good things come to an end. What better way to spend the last evening of this wonderful weekend in a warm embrace ?
With a performance of Manuela Rossi y Juan Malizia

Location: Salsability
Address: Delftseplein 36, Rotterdam
Time: Starts at 19:00 until 01:00
Performance: Manuela Rossi y Juan Malizia
Music by: DJ El Huracán
Price: € 15,- with reservation / € 20 without reservation


It's all about the music

  • DJ Lucas Malec

    Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lucas studied Music Composition in Amsterdam and plays with Pannonica Tango Orquesta. He teaches tango and organizes the milonga "Tinta Roja" in Amsterdam. As a Tango DJ he played in the major Argentine and European milongas, weekends, encuentros, festivals, marathons and in many other events.

    Mixing on the spot and known for creating a continuous high-energy vibe throughout the crowd and keeping the dancers emotionally engaged, always using quality tracks that he selects and improves in his studio. With intense tango music mixed with “power cortinas”, he is capable to keep the dancers fresh until the morning.

  • DJ Fresco

    Richard Frisart (aka El Fresco) lives in Haarlem and is a popular DJ at festivals and milongas in The Netherlands and abroad. On his last two trips to Buenos Aires he DJ’d there as well. Next to being a tango DJ he is organizer at Los Amigos Tango.

    His sets are a well balanced mixture of lyrical and rhythmical tandas. They are characterized by a strong foundation of the most beloved Epoca de Oro orchestras, with some nice surprises mixed in. Being a tango dancer himself, he puts the dancers first. He’s known for keeping the crowd happy and on the floor for as much as they can.

  • DJ El Huracán

    Jo Switten, also known as deejay El Huracán, came in contact with the Tango Argentino end of the eighties.
    In 1990 he took his first classes and he immediately fell in love with the music, the dance and the social aspects of the milongas. Back then, there weren’t many possibilities to dance so he started to collect tango records and started as a deejay at national and international tango parties.

    On his various trips to Buenos Aires he completed his collection. Jo is passionate about tango but isn’t a librarian or a archiver of tango music.
    He strongly believes a good milonga is about fun, about the joy of dancing and being together, without losing the authentic character of a real Argentine salón de tango. Get ready for a night full of dancing and good ambiance. Los esperamos por una noche de garufa!

  • Cuarteto Mulenga

    With a classical training, consisting of violin, guitar, piano, bandoneon and singer, Cuarteto Mulenga runs an extensive repertoire of tangos, waltzes and milongas, with arrangements of the most memorable orchestras of the "Golden Age" adapted for tango quartet.

    Check out a beautiful performance of "Nido Gaucho" on YouTube


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Our Friday milonga is sold out!

For our Saturday and Sunday milonga you may still get your tickets at the door

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